Guinean Supply

The Republic of Guinea is home to 7.4 billion metric tons in bauxite reserves.  At today’s current production rate (roughly 18.6 million metric tons per year), these reserves will last for up to four centuries. When you factor in all of the country’s mine site and undeveloped resources (a total that is well over 40.0 billion metric tons), the amount of bauxite in Guinea’s subsoil can last for almost 22 centuries.

Global Reserves

Guinea is home to at least 27% of the world’s known bauxite reserves, way more than any other country.

Bauxite Usage

Bauxite is the commercial mineral from which aluminum oxide (commonly called alumina) is extracted. Depending on the alumina concentration, roughly 4 metric tons of bauxite is used to produce 2 metric tons of alumina and roughly 2 metric tons of alumina is used to produce 1 metric ton of aluminum.

The future demand for aluminum is expected to be supported by the metal’s fast growing use in the automobile industry. This is because automakers are under immense pressure to reduce the weight of their vehicles so that way these cars can satisfy the new global mandates for fuel-efficiency and carbon emission. As a result, manufacturers from all over the world have started utilizing various types of aluminum technologies because the metal is much stronger than steel and only weights about one-third of its gross weight.